Product description

  • Also suitable for large body sizes – with inside leg length up to 99cm
  • Smart: Control your recovery session with Go Lite conveniently via the Reboots app!
  • The smallest and lightest device in the world – without compromising on performance! With up to 1.5h battery life and just 0.7kg the perfect companion.
  • Save time: Due to the perfect fit and four overlapping chambers, more massage passes are possible in the same time with the Pants 2.0
  • Customizable: Customize the leg circumference of Pants 2.0 with 3 separate zippers each for upper and lower leg
  • Choice of 7 massage programs – from shallow relaxation to intensive massage!
Product Specification

  • Weight (device + boots): 2 kg
  • Dimensions (device): 25.4 x 6.0 x 6.8 cm
  • Application pressure: 30 – 180mmHg
  • Application duration: up to 120 min.
  • Number of program: 3 programs


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