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Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage can be used to manipulate the soft tissues of the body for the purpose of improving the functionality of muscle tissue helpog to correct postural eltaed pain.
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Chiropractic Care for Correction and Pain Relief

Chiropractic is a specialised health profession that cares for a patient. Sports Chiropractors provide assessment, evaluation to diagnose and treat a patient’s muscular, nervous, and skeletal systems.
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Elite Strength & Conditioning with Exercise Rehabilitation

Providing you with unique structured Rehabilitation programs with long term health benefits enhancing your recovery and enabling you to return to sports performance
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Natural healing and improve body functioning

MY Sports Injury use acupuncture to help restore the balance of energy in the body which can relieve pain, inflammation and promote the healing process for sports related injuries or acute / chronic injuries.
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IASTM is a type of treatment that utilises various tools to help better mobilise soft tissue structures, such as muscles and fascia
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IASTM is a type of treatment that utilises various tools to help better mobilise soft tissue structures, such as muscles and fascia
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Podiatry is a physical form of Medicine which is specialised in the diagnosis and medical or surgical treatment of disorders in the foot, ankle and lower extremity
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Telehealth help people improve their physical condition and quality of life through quality-assured exercises and exercise programs
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  • Specialized Care During Pregnancy and Postpartum
  • Pain Management for Back and Pelvic Discomfort
  • Safe Exercise Plans for Before and After Birth
  • Support for Postpartum Recovery
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  • Custom Rehabilitation Plans for Post-Surgery Recovery
  • Expert Guidance on Safe and Effective Recovery Methods
  • Techniques to Regain Strength and Mobility
  • Ongoing Support Throughout Your Recovery Journey
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  • Complete Preventive Injury Risk Evaluation
  • Tailored Athletic Performance Improvement Strategies
  • Customized Training Recommendations for Optimal Results
  • In-depth Monitoring and Adjustments for Rehabilitation Progress
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Angel Lee
Angel Lee
initially I was going for a lymphatic drainage massage, but after speaking to Ali and he explained what the massage is really for and who would benefit to it, I decided to have a deep tissue sport massage instead as I do have a problem with my right leg during running and have pains lying in bed at night. Got to say it was well worth of the pain and the bruising during the session and afterwards. My leg pain at night time has definitely reduced and definitely noticing my right calf and hamstring are not as tight as it was when I was doing some stretching next day. Will go for an other session for my gluteus for sure, hopefully soon enough I can do a long distance run without any pain.
Mark Josef Rapa
Mark Josef Rapa
Having read the positive reviews on Ali and seeing he is well qualified, I booked a sports physio-led massage/treatment with him at My Sports Injury. We chatted about my sports activities and injuries and developed a treatment plan. Given my lack of proper stretching and no previous treatments, there wouldn't be a quick fix. During our first session, Ali focused on addressing calf spasticity. Despite feeling sore for a couple of days, my calves have already loosened up, and my mobility has started to improve. Ali's friendly and makes you feel safe in the space, I was also confident that I was receiving excellent value for my money.
nicholas gemmell
nicholas gemmell
Gave me some great advice. And my knee is better for it. Thank you! 😀
Antonio Ambata
Antonio Ambata
Got an amazing sports massage with Ali Musa, it really helped with a lot of my backpain.
Bratua Seimodei
Bratua Seimodei
UPDATE: Dr Ali has been amazing with the follow up sessions. Wonderful improvements with my healing process. He gave me lots of advice on a home exercise regimen to follow which I did to amazing effects. Additionally, for a second treatment phase, he did a reset on my calves and just like the adductors, my muscles feel good and new. Ready to go. Of course will still need more sessions. But I’m happy so far. Definitely my permanent physio now. Working with Dr Ali Musa was incredible. Had a groin/adductor pain for over 6 months. In my initial assessment and treatment, he not only pin pointed the issue, but handled it so well that I got a huge relief. Noticeable difference and improvement and not something I was expecting from my first visit with him. Will be returning for follow up sessions. Wonderful wonderful experience.
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed
Superb Service by Ali Musa Attention to detail, listened to my problem, then made sure he targeted the troubling area and it has made a difference, very professional.. I recommend him, and will definitely be coming back.
Nadya Amalia
Nadya Amalia
Had a very good experience with Sean Yao - he helped my husband who hurt his foot while we were traveling. He explained the cause systematically, provided analogies which made us understand easier, gave tips and tricks and massages exercise that we can try at home. Before we came, my husband can barely walk bcs his foot was swelling; after the session, the next day he can walk up to half day. So grateful that we met Sean who explained it calmly and did his work passionately!
Ioana Balanescu
Ioana Balanescu
Faiqa helped me with the lower back pain I was experiencing. She was really nice and explained everything well so I could understand how to overcome this going forward, suggesting essential stretches and helped me what the actual cause of it. It’s been a pleasure meeting her and really appreciate all the tips and explanations!
Johnny Cleary
Johnny Cleary
Had a great experience with Ali, he was able to diagnose what was causing my pain (sciatica symptoms), assuage my fear that it was a serious spinal issue and tell me exactly what exercises i needed to do to get on the mend. Couldn't recomend more.


Founded by Ray Ho and Iordanis Demetrious, practitioners with deep roots in sports physical therapy and functional movement, MY Sports Injury was born from a commitment to revolutionize the healing experience. Their expertise, honed in professional sports, became the cornerstone of a new approach to sports physiotherapy & rehabilitation.

At MY Sports Injury, we are not just about treating injuries, we are about redefining the path to recovery. Our goal was clear from the start: to shift the paradigm from the traditional healthcare model to a patient-focused and holistic approach. We provide elite-level sports physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation converge, offering a bespoke journey to wellness tailored to each individual’s unique needs. your journey to recovery is enveloped in the comfort of our luxury-designed clinics. We are pioneers in providing a recovery and wellness experience that’s as indulgent as it is restorative. Each space is a carefully curated haven, where personal care and luxury converge to redefine your healing process. Here, the recovery experience is transformed, ensuring our patients feel nurtured in an environment that’s anything but ordinary.   Our hands-on precision of manual therapy to the tailored robustness of exercise therapy, enriched further by educational insights. Our commitment is not just to alleviate symptoms but to empower you with the knowledge and care needed to maintain your wellbeing and the re-occurence of injury.
This is a specialised type of physiotherapy service that focuses on the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles support the bladder, bowel, and reproductive organs, and they play a crucial role in urinary and fecal continence, sexual function, and core stability. Your Sports Physiotherapist.
  1. Assessment:
    • A thorough assessment includes a review of your medical history, symptoms, and lifestyle factors. This may involve internal and external examinations to evaluate the strength, tone, and function of the pelvic floor muscles.
  2. Conditions Treated:
    • Incontinence: Stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence.
    • Pelvic Pain: Conditions such as vulvodynia, vaginismus, prostatitis, and interstitial cystitis.
    • Prolapse: Pelvic organ prolapse where organs such as the bladder, uterus, or rectum descend into the vaginal canal.
    • Postpartum Recovery: Assisting new mothers in recovering pelvic floor strength and function.
    • Sexual Dysfunction: Issues such as painful intercourse or erectile dysfunction.
    • Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndromes: Addressing ongoing pain in the pelvic region.
  3. Treatment Techniques:
    • Exercise Programs: Tailored exercises to strengthen or relax the pelvic floor muscles.
    • Manual Therapy: Techniques to release tight muscles and improve tissue mobility.
    • Biofeedback: Using sensors to provide feedback on muscle activity, helping patients learn how to control their pelvic floor muscles.
    • Electrical Stimulation: Using low-grade electrical currents to stimulate and strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles.
    • Education: Providing information on bladder and bowel habits, posture, and lifestyle modifications to support pelvic health.
  4. Self-Care and Lifestyle Advice:
    • Instructions on proper voiding habits, dietary changes, and strategies for managing symptoms in daily life.
Pelvic floor physiotherapy can significantly improve quality of life for those experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction. For a personalized approach. MY Sports Injury advises all new patients to schedule a physio appointment with a specialist pelvic floor physiotherapist.
Chiropractors primarily focus on diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal disorders, particularly those related to the spine. Their treatment often involves manual adjustments or manipulations of the spine and other joints to alleviate pain and improve function. Sports Physiotherapists aim to restore, maintain, and optimize a patient’s mobility, function, and well-being. They treat a wide range of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological systems. Chiropractor vs. Physiotherapist: Understanding the Differences Chiropractor:
  1. Focus:
    • Chiropractors primarily focus on diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal disorders, particularly those related to the spine. Their treatment often involves manual adjustments or manipulations of the spine and other joints to alleviate pain and improve function.
  2. Techniques:
    • Spinal adjustments and manipulations.
    • Soft tissue therapy.
    • Exercises and stretches.
    • Lifestyle and nutritional advice.
  3. Conditions Treated:
    • Back pain.
    • Neck pain.
    • Headaches.
    • Joint pain (e.g., in the shoulders, knees).
    • Sciatica.
  4. Education:
    • Chiropractors typically complete a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree, which includes extensive training in chiropractic theory, anatomy, physiology, and hands-on clinical experience.
Sports Physiotherapist (Physical Therapist):
  1. Focus:
    • Sports Physiotherapists aim to restore, maintain, and optimize a patient’s mobility, function, and well-being. They treat a wide range of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological systems.
  2. Techniques:
    • Manual therapy (e.g., joint mobilizations, soft tissue techniques).
    • Therapeutic exercises.
    • Electrotherapy (e.g., ultrasound, TENS).
    • Education on injury prevention and management.
    • Rehabilitation programs.
  3. Conditions Treated:
    • Sports injuries.
    • Post-surgical rehabilitation.
    • Chronic pain conditions.
    • Cardiopulmonary issues.
    • Neurological conditions (e.g., stroke, multiple sclerosis).
  4. Education:
    • Sports Physiotherapists usually have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Physiotherapy with a specialism in sports & exercise science involving comprehensive training in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and clinical practice.
Choosing Between Chiropractor and Physiotherapist:
  • Nature of the Problem:
    • For spinal issues, back pain, and joint problems, a chiropractor might be beneficial.
    • For broader physical issues, sports injuries, post-operative recovery, or chronic conditions, a physiotherapist might be more appropriate.
  • Personal Preference:
    • Some patients prefer the hands-on adjustments of chiropractors.
    • Others might prefer the exercise-based and holistic approach of physiotherapists.
  • Severity and Type of Injury:
    • Acute pain or injuries might require a chiropractor’s quick intervention.
    • Long-term rehabilitation or chronic issues might benefit more from physiotherapy.
Ultimately, both professionals play vital roles in managing pain and improving physical function. The choice depends on individual needs, the specific condition, and the treatment approach preferred. MY Sports Injury are leaders in private physiotherapy Manchester

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy is a specialised area of physiotherapy that focuses on treating injuries and conditions affecting the muscles, bones, joints, and soft tissues. Physiotherapists at MY Sports Injury provide this type of physiotherapy treatment which aims to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance overall function through various techniques and exercises. It is commonly used to address issues such as back pain, arthritis, sports injuries, and post-surgical rehabilitation including neuro physiotherapy.

If you have any specific questions or need further information on musculoskeletal physiotherapy, feel free to ask our Manchester pysiotherapists.

At MY SPORTS INJURY, we design individualized treatment plans and recovery programs that prioritise your complex health problems, going beyond just alleviating symptoms.

Our Physiotherapists have extensive experience in elite professional sports, we provide exceptional care and support. Please Visit our 5-star sports physiotherapy clinic in Manchester, where your wellbeing and sports performance are our top priorities.

Our dynamic team of professional experts, with diverse athletic backgrounds, is committed to helping you achieve your best self. MY Sports Injury is designed to support recovery and healing to boost sports performance, ensuring every aspect of your visit is optimised for your personal needs to recovery and success.

We target the direct source of pain, not just the symptoms
in order to deliver the best possible recovery for a variety of musculoskeletal sports injuries or postural imbalances.

We encourage you to promote a healthy lifestyle, and providing exceptional patient centred care. LIVE PAIN FREE

MY Sports Injury & Physiotherapy is based in Manchester, United Kingdom
At the heart of Manchester City Centre. Halifax House Building, M3 2GX (2nd floor)
We are Located a walking distance along Deansgate and Spinningfields.
We provide high quality Sports Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Foot Podiatry, Acupuncture & Massage Recovery services.

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