Our working Partnerships across Manchester guarantees a working collaboration between private healthcare, providing specialised one-to-one physical therapy and movement programming in combination with intense physical fitness for the individual.

Our proven manual therapy & rehabilitation programs respond directly to the needs of patients sustaining such injuries alongside their intense cardiovascular workout as part of their weekly routine. 

MY Sports Injury x VIB3 Manchester leading physical therapy clinics & fitness workout classes work hand in hand providing you with exceptional high quality treatment services focused on the musculoskeletal system to improve body mechanics, human body dysfunction, sports injuries and pain management of acute / chronic sports related conditions.

MY Sports Injury in Manchester City Centre strive to introduce strategies to ensure comprehensive care, which could be achieved with the joint work between the different brands such as physical training facilities. In this sense we will present this instructive, cooperative and meaningful article to showcase how this collaboration benefits clients, incoming patients, and affiliate members. 

“Physical therapy and exercise through movement can optimise the individual athlete, sports professional player, and regular worker’s health; making the individuals achieve great benefits when interacting with the work environment or performing in sporting events, and essentially in every sphere of life.”

 From this perspective, physical therapy is closely related to the work-health relationship.

Physical therapy, having multiple fields of action, since it works where human beings move; that is, where we live, recreate and work, it is found in the latter, a process in which through movement it is contributed to human development and people’s quality of life. 

In order to satisfy our needs, we dedicate a large part of our life to work, which can take a toll on the health and quality of life.

In this way, by managing the human body movement as an element of the health and well-being of the individual, physiotherapy Manchester is responsible for actions to promote the kinetic development of human body, prevention and recovery of its alterations and participation in the processes of habilitation and rehabilitation.

It has been widely shown that regular physical activity provides well-being in our lives and improves mental health.


The gym is a space to work the body, the most precious asset, where exercises are performed according to the needs and physical conditioning. It is of proven importance in providing us with improvements in health and energy throughout the day.

Beyond these needs, it is important to highlight that the practice of physical activity is always recommended, whether or not you present any pathology, whether you are skinny or fat.

Health professionals recommend performing it at least three times a week.

It is also important to mention that physical activity, physiotherapy, sports massage Manchester, deep tissue massage, and acupuncture session improves mood, relaxes your body, and reduces stress, so if you are going through some mental problem or any musculoskeletal disorder, it is a highly satisfactory option.

But, if we want to see results that last and are maintained over time, we must accompany the exercise routine with a good diet and rest, as well as counseling from physical therapist Manchester and trainer when making a movement, so we are going to avoid sports injuries and bad times.


Helps to disconnect

Going to the gym helps you to disconnect and escape from the daily routine. Exercising is a wonderful stress reliever because it helps you have time for yourself and clear your mind. It is a natural antidepressant, while we practice some form of sport, we focus 100% on exercise so we avoid our problems.

Increases self-esteem and mood

Exercise makes us feel good, when doing any physical activity endorphins are released, which are responsible for providing us with well-being. This is very simple as long as we plan an exercise routine and focus on the exercises, leaving problems and worries aside.

Combat the presence of insomnia

After a good workout we will always end up more tired than if we do not do any type of sport. It is advisable that physical activity be carried out throughout the day, and not late in the afternoon-evening.

Meet people and create links

Going to a gym opens up a range of possibilities to meet new people. These new links become a greater motivation to go to the gym and exercise. The gym offers you many possibilities when it comes to meeting people, such as making friends and groups. 

Practice exercise with a professional 

In the gym you can practice physical exercise carrying out the guidelines of a professional who can help you achieve your goals. With the help of a qualified professional at your side, everything will be easier, since they will create a table of exercises adapted to your needs, so that you achieve your goals in a more enjoyable and effective way.

In V1BESTUDIOS we provide effective workouts every single time, target completely different areas from class to class, and whatever we do, it’s anything but boring. 

Healthier lifestyle habits

When an exercise routine is established, the mentality and the body change, and healthy habits that consume a greater amount of energy are created. This lost energy must be replaced with a good diet, eating accordingly to the exercise carried out, neither too much nor too little, since your body needs a few minimum calories to be able to function and to continue training.

Experience the ultimate group workout

TRIB3 is a next-level boutique fitness studio that fuses a scientifically-proven HIIT workout, fully tracked with heart-rate monitors and studio displays, with an epic sensory experience topped off with a custom shake bar.


Reduces anxiety and stress

According to a study conducted by Ronald C. Kessler, a sociologist and professor at Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts, the regular practice of yoga reduces anxiety and stress in a similar way to conventional medical therapy (taking anxiolytics).

Increases sleep quality and help you sleep better

Another study conducted by the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation showed that people who practiced yoga took an average of 10 minutes less to fall asleep, and increased the number of hours they slept by an average of one hour more per night. In addition, they expressed the feeling of being more rested in the morning.

You will perform better at work

If your work exhausts you, you don’t like it or you move in a very competitive work environment, yoga can help you get out of the rut without changing jobs. Again another Hindu study that analyses five indicators of work performance (satisfaction, commitment, results, emotional involvement and social relationships with colleagues) has shown that the benefits of yoga were appreciated for the worker in four of the five points analysed, only the level of commitment was exempt from its benefits.

In children and students, it improves academic performance and attention

The attention to breathing and meditation that is included in the practice of yoga makes it possible to achieve a more serene state of mind, removing nerves and stress from the pressure of studies and improving performance. That is, study less and learn more and faster. Better an hour of yoga than a sleepless night based on coffee to pass an exam, an opposition, a job interview.

Strengthens bones and muscles

If done in a progressive and adapted way, yoga prevents lactic acid from accumulating in the body, in addition to strengthening the bones, preventing the loss of bone mass and enhancing the flexibility of the joints. It is a great natural antidote against osteoporosis.

Increases flexibility

Although at first the postures seem typical of a contortionist, as you progress in your practice, yoga helps to enhance muscle flexibility.

Helps relieve chronic and postural pain

With a well-adapted practice, yoga is very effective in alleviating most chronic pain such as neck pain, rheumatoid arthritis, knee pain, low back pain, chronic back pain, sciatica or fibromyalgia, amongst others. Of course, it is essential to have the good guidance of a yoga teacher to avoid injuries.

It is a magnificent antiaging therapy

Yes, there are recent studies that suggest that yoga and meditation help protect DNA from damage caused by lifestyle or the natural passage of time. It has been shown that its regular practice is capable of reversing the aging process.

Burn calories

A promise that attracts many and has been scientifically proven, some research has agreed that the practice of Vinyasa Yoga involves an average caloric expenditure of 7 kcal/min, which is equivalent to burning about 507 calories per hour.

Teaches to breathe not only correctly but consciously

Abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing increases the oxygenation of the cells. Also, breathing deeply and at a leisurely pace slows your heart rate and relaxes your muscles. In fact, it is a perfect technique for preparing for childbirth or to deal with any situation in which pain seems to appear.

Reduces cortisol and cholesterol levels in the blood

Or what is the same; it helps to undo the hormonal shenanigans that stress organizes in the body by raising the level of cortisol, since it combines movement and relaxation in the same practice and contributes to balancing the nervous system. The same happens with cholesterol, there are many studies that support that the regular practice of yoga helps control blood pressure and the accumulation of fat in the arteries

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