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During this crisis, we are all facing as a country we have followed government guidelines to stay indoors. The quarantine can be quite overwhelming for certain individuals, especially those suffering the unease of social isolation and distancing. 

As humans were not designed to sit at our home desks all day and in front of the television all evening watching the latest Netflix movies. This physical inactivity is related to a host of health-related issues from back and neck pains to postural-related deformity. 

Increasing physical activity is an essential way to mitigate the risk of developing health problems seen a vast majority of households pair up within quarantine with their partners to start their daily schedule of home-based workouts. The support from our team of physiotherapists, osteopaths, or sports therapists will ensure professional support and positive motives to get through this crisis. 

As a Sports Medicine Clinic, MY Sports Injury & Osteopathy | Manchester has transitioned to a more online approach where their team of health professionals will be conducted online consultations and deliver practical injury advice, including home-based exercise rehabilitation protocols to valued patients and members of society. 

MY Sports Injury & physiotherapy Clinic covers the fundamental principles in improving body biomechanics, home-based posture re-setting, diagnosing any long-sustained injuries giving quality assurance and support to those that truly need it.

As this situation improves we hope to see sports and exercise dramatically increase as a way to reduce stress and psychological trauma although in more complex cases individuals may find it harder to transition back within society’s norms. This will perhaps require a more multidisciplinary approach and government lead initiatives to encourage more people to remain active and healthy.

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