MY Sports Injury Waver Roller


Product description

Product Specification
  • MY Sports Injury Waver Roller - Body and Large Muscles Foam Roller - Bluetooth Enabled High-Density Foam Roller for Athletes - Muscle Foam Roller with 5 Customizable Vibration Frequencies in Therabody App.
  • Maximize Surface Area for a Full Body Relief - The Wave Roller combines vibration with innovate wave foam texture to deliver a complete, full-body foam rolling experience. The Waveroller is a perfect companion to our category leading Theragun percussion massage guns.
  • Wave Roller (12"x5"), Protective Carrying Pouch, Power Adapter. This device is equipped with a 12V internal Lithium-ion Battery that has a 180 minutes of total life.
  • Revolutionary Technology - The Wave Roller device has 5 powerful vibration intensity settings that can be adjusted to your comfort level via the Therabody App to help release soreness, reduce tension, and increase range of motion.

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